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Vrbovec Riding Club
Konak 26., Vrbovec

Vrbovec Riding Club is located on an estate in the village of Konak, 3 km from the town of Vrbovec in the direction of Vrbovec Dubrava. Vrbovec is an easy 30-minute drive from Zagreb, mostly on a four-lane highway. Horses are accommodated in stables with stalls. Four paddocks with total area of 4 hectares (10 acres) provide horses with abundant grazing and free movement opportunities. Riders have a 60m by 30m (180 ft by 90 ft) sand area (manege) at their disposal. The nearby meadows and over 15 km (9 miles) of forest trail along the small river of Črnec offer abundant opportunities for trail riding

Ms. Nada Zorko, the estate owner, is in charge of the Riding Club, as well as of the whole estate, while her son, Mr. Mladen Dakic, is in charge of working with horses and riders.

Club Activities

Daily Board
Horses are accommodated in 17 stalls, equipped with automatic waterers. The horses are of different age, work requirements and also has had a different luck in their lives. Apart from the horses whose food, accommodation and veterinary care fees are covered by their owners, there are also a few horses that are spending the remaining years of their lives in the company of their horse buddies thanks to the solidarity of the club members and help from other good people. Each horse's diet is adapted to the horse's age, work requirements and health condition. Veterinary care is readily available if necessary.

Therapeutic Riding
We provide the service of therapeutic and rehabilitative riding for children with special needs to whom their doctors have recommended such therapy. In working with such children, we follow the instructions of parents or other accompanying person(s) who have the responsibility to follow the relevant instructions of the doctor who recommended or approved such therapy.

Riding School
We also offer individual or group riding lessons for both beginners and advanced riders conducted by a qualified riding instructor. During lessons students ride selected horses that belong to the club members.

Trail Riding
Interested persons who have basic riding skills can go for trail riding in the company of a riding instructor.

Club membership is informal. Club members are considered to be persons who within their desires and means regularly participate in the club activities. Along with riders and owners of the horses accommodated in the stalls, there are also people who find pleasure in caring for "abandoned" horses, as well as other people who love horses and enjoy being with them in a beautiful natural surroundings.

With previous arrangement, the club is open to individual visitors and groups under the condition that they follow the house rules. For safety reasons, we kindly ask our visitors not to bring their dogs, or, if they visit for only brief periods, not to let their dogs out of their vehicles.

Nada Zorko - phone: ++385 1 2796 130
Mladen Dakić - phone: ++385 91 5736 452 or ++385 1 2796 130
"Vrbovec" riding club, Konak 26., 10340 Vrbovec
bank account nr. 2360000-1101595824 - "Zagrebačka banka"