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Don't you sometimes wonder how would it be to go back to the splendors of baroque castles, society of princess and baronesses, marquises and fairy queens, how would it feel to wear rustling crinolines, sparkling jewels and velvety capes, to hear the sound of the filigree golden carriage with magnificent white horses?

We create such stitches in time, providing you with a glimpse into this long forgotten world!

Let us enact for you a story of a young Lipizzan stallion Conversano Toplica, rehearsing difficult dance steps for his entry into the noble society of baroque. To the music of Handel, Mozart and Strauss, the four masters of dressage wearing full baroque outfits complete with wigs and laced jabot dresses, will lead you through a maze of dance figures such as Quadrill, Levade, Pesade, Croupade, Piaffe, thus recreating the mastery of the classic Spanish Riding school in Vienna. The Lipizzan horse belongs to a strict bread, with the documentation of the breading lines dating back to 1700. The origin (and the name) of each Lizzican horse can be traced to one of the six original stallion lines: Pluto, Conversano, Napolitano, Maestoso, Favory and Siglavy. Their athletic build, proudly held neck of the swan like curvature and an inborn propensity for learning and obeying made them into a perfect symbol of the royal power and as such the inevitable part of all court festivities. From their forth year onwards, young stallions go through a strict daily routine. Such trainings require immense patience and love on both sides, but the reward is a magnificent creature, an aristocrat among horses, ready to enter the scene of high dressage.

Our group, The Baroque splendor of the Lipizzan, performs for the occasions such as birthday parties, marriages, cultural festivities, welcome parties and advertising performances. We have, up till now, performed in numerous gardens of old castles (Trakošćan, Veliki Tabor, Brezovica, Lug samoborski, Brežice, Bosiljevo), town squares (Mimara Museum entrance, the Croatian National Theatre for the gala premiere of the Swan Lake etc.), hippodromes and many other private and public places. You can get more information about hiring The Baroque splendor of the Lipizzan group by contacting our members:

Mladen Dakić, phone: 00 385 91 573 6452 (091 573 6452), 00 385 1 279 6130 (horse club Vrbovec KK VRBOVEC, Vrbovec)
Zvjezdana Klarić, phone: 091 724 0764, 01 336 5117 (horse club Epona, KK EPONA, Samobor)